Our Mission

Our mission at House Of Amarah is to create a destination that reinvents how you shop high end home decor. We understand that shopping for beautiful home decor can be both challenging and time consuming when it should be the exact opposite. 

By offering a wide palette of pieces House Of Amarah makes shopping for a stylish home enjoyable and truly effort-free.

Our Values

We believe that your home should tell your story. This understanding means that we are passionate about finding stylish accents which are as unique and individual as you are.

We’re proud of our hand-picked and designed selection as we believe it epitomises the things that we value most at House Of Amarah. Beautiful design, quality craftsmanship which is both elegant and fresh.

Healthy Fabrics

We know how increasingly important it is to offer quality materials and fabrics that are breathable and suitable for the family at the same time. That’s why we’ve invested in offering quality pure cottons as well as organic materials such as bamboo cotton. You can shop our organic collection here.

Why Shop With Us?

Quality products | Our team has put together a collection using quality materials, giving you access to a carefully curated selection to make your home what it truly deserves to be.

Inspiration | We provide monthly style edits, shoppable looks and design ideas from industry professionals to help you make perfect choices for your home.

Hassle free delivery | We take care to ensure your delivery is seamless where you can also track your pieces as they reach your home.



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